Duoke Lighting was established in 2015, focusing on LED panel light.

LGP is the most important accessory in panel light. Since we specialize in the production of LGP light guide plates, we can greatly reduce the production cost of the entire lamp and control the light output of the entire lamp to achieve high light efficiency, high uniformity, and no dark areas. Products that perform better than the market. In view of the needs and requirements of our customers, we have begun to provide panel light production.

In 2015, we established Duoke Lighting Company, which has professional experience in manufacturing light guide plates and focuses on the field of panel light production.
Company meeting room
2,000 square meters of layerless workshop, 30 meters long assembly and production cable.
Packaging line
All finished products are aged for 4 hours.
Quality inspection, packaging.
We established cooperation with EGLO that year