We were founded in 2012, focusing on LGP!

In 2012, we started our journey into the LED industry from LGP.


Because one of our founders used to be an optical designer and technical director for LGP in TV backlights. Pay attention to the vast market of LED and its benefits to the world’s energy saving and carbon reduction. So we chose to work hard in fields related to our own technology and to contribute part of our strength to the light of the world, so we chose it, LGP!

This is where our dream started in 2012, Hesen Industrial Zone.
After decoration, this is our 100,000-level floorless workshop. Preparing for production start-up.
LGP raw materials arrive from CHMEI in Taiwan.
The package is unpacked and ready to be cut. The first step in producing LGP.
Cutting, a large board can be cut into 4 small boards of 60×60.
Polishing makes it easier for light to enter the light guide plate, which is also a key step to achieve high light efficiency.
Printing light guide plate dot fixtures and screens.
Print outlets.
Check carefully after printing to ensure production yield. Put it into a tunnel oven and dry it at high temperature.
Printed dots are used to even out the light.
Quality inspection for further inspection.
After confirming that there are no problems, place it on a thousand-story rack to cool down.
Attach double-sided tape to secure the reflective sheet from moving.
Clean, pre-tighten the double-sided tape, and attach the reflective sheet.